The awesome-est in local crafts will be at Grandma Party thanks to these creative folks:

Amalgam Craft

Banana Hammock Republic

Beard Sauce

Brian Avery

Charlotte Anabar Designs

Christie Miga

Clay Curiosities

Corinnebeans & Applesauce

Darling Lady Vintage (Ginger Darling Vintage + Lady Day Vintage)

Daughters & Co.

Earth Culture LLC

Featherhead Studio

Fit to Tie

FunDipped Productions

Happy Hands Nail Polish


Honest Fare & Company

Is It Over Yet?

Jodi’s Abodi

Jon Napoles

Katherine Bennett

Knees on Leaves

Legendary Wearing

Libby Avery

Love is Love + Beautiful Chorus

L2 Design Collective

Lure Design

Luscious Lisa Bags


Modern Bug

Mudsill Sculpture

Nicolle Masters

Nina Mantra, Gina Bitetti & Liana Carrasquilla

Orenda Herbal


Ready Set Capture


Sheet Fort

Unique Things by Bee

Yellow House Creations